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Explore The Bluetooth Belt Buckle Speaker For Golfers!

Charge your golf game with music that goes with you on and off the course!

  • Exceptional sound in a compact size.

  • Easily attach your speaker or interchangeable face plate.

  • Rechargeable battery with 6+hr of continuous play at full volume.

  • Bluetooth v5.3 connectivity.

The World's First & Only Bluetooth Belt Buckle Speaker

Boomin Belts lets you take your music with you wherever you go! You can listen to music, take a phone call or swap out the speaker with the interchangeable buckle faceplate. The Boomin Belt is as versatile as it is fashionable on the green!

With Vs. Without Boomin Belts

Without Boomin Belts
With Boomin Belts

Keep The Party Going Even At The Tee Box!

Join the countless music-loving golfers who have already embraced the Boomin Belts experience. Elevate your golf game and keep the energy flowing with our cutting-edge Bluetooth belt buckle speaker. Take control of your soundtrack and be the life of the party, all while staying focused on the game.

Using Boomin Belts Is Easy!

About to start a round of golf, but want to keep the party going? No problem! 

In just a few steps, you can bring the music with you wherever you go with Boomin Belts!


Quickly charge your Boomin Belt with your included USB-C cable. Charge will last 6+ hours of continual play


Once your Boomin Belt is charged, just clip to your belt and link to your phone using Bluetooth.


Select your favorite playlist on your phone and play music while you play golf!

100's of new golfers Use Boomin Belts every week and Jam Out While playing their favorite sport!

Our Customers Love Using Their Boomin Belts!

Boomin To The Beat On The Golf Course!

Original Shark,

Kevin Harrington!

Golfers Are Loving Their Boomin Belts!

The Competition Doesn't Stand A Chance

Boomin Belts easily beats its competitors in a wide range of applications

Other Bluetooth Speakers

  • Portable and compact.

  • Hands-free.

  • Can save playlists on internal memory.

  • Magnetically sticks to your belt and other magnetic surfaces.

Boomin Belts Belt Buckle Speaker

  • Portable and compact.

  • Hands-free.

  • Can save playlists on internal memory.

  • Magnetically sticks to your belt and other magnetic surfaces.

Golfers Have Never Been

This Excited About A Product!

Don't Miss Out On The #1 Golf Accessory This Year!

Join hundreds of golfers that will be boomin' on the golf course with Boomin Belts!

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  • Includes 1 belt, 1 speaker, 1 interchangeable faceplate, 1 charging cable, 1 belt clip accessory.

  • 30 day money back guarantee


Buy 2 Boomin Belts

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Original Price: $290.00

Your Price: $232.00

  • Includes 2 belts, 2 speakers, 2 interchangeable faceplates, 2 charging cables, 2 belt clip accessories.

  • 30 day money back guarantee


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