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Introducing the worlds first belt buckle speaker! Take your music from the cart to the course! 

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Up Your Golf Game

BoominBelts has changed the game for golfing enthusiasts by introducing an incredible belt buckle with integrated high-definition Bluetooth speakers! BoominBelts allows you to play your favorite tunes for everyone - and show off that perfect swing in style. A true one-of-a-kind item, BoominBelts are more than just a way to stay stylish and make a statement - they let you enjoy your favorite music while playing a great game of golf. Who said you can't do both at once?

Jam Out Hands-Free In High-Def

BoominBelts boast a stylish belt alongside a high-performance bluetooth speaker that you can use hands-free when your on-the-go. With adjustable controls that are easy to access and a bluetooth connection to your phone, BoominBelts fulfill all of your audio needs when you are playing golf, biking, out with friends, or walking to work!

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